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6 Signs your Cash for Home Buyer is Credible

If you hope to sell your home for cash, you probably want to avoid the red tape of a normal real estate transaction. You may need the money quickly. This makes you vulnerable to scammers and less-than-credible home buyers. Scamming impatient home sellers and their agents is a lucrative business for these companies.
Therefore, recognizing credibility in a home buyer can help you keep your hard-earned cash and get the value for your home that you deserve. Here is a practical list of ways to tell if your home buyer is credible.

  1. Their email matches their company domain
  2. A simple email may be the first offer you get from your home buyer. It can also be your first line of defense to assess their credibility.
    The domain name, for instance, should never be a public email account. If a home buyer sends you an offer from a Gmail account or another public email domain, you likely aren’t dealing with a legitimate home buying company.
    Credible cash home buyers will always send emails through a unique domain that matches their company. Everything after the “@” should be the company name, which you can check with a simple search online.
    Phishing scams often begin with an email that has a public domain. Look for credible business domains that match the company of the sender and check their online presence to ensure that your home buyer is credible.

  3. They have a professional website
  4. Credible home buyers have a company website that should reflect their experience in the field of home buying. Their website should contain many client reviews and seller testimonials that reflect this experience. You should check them on Google as well to see what non-affiliated review sites have to say.
    Their website should also prominently display links to the company’s social media profiles. A modern business must use social media to advertise and find clients, so you should see a link to a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.
    If you Google “sell home for cash” and can’t find a website connected to your home buyer or the website provided seems sparse, your home buyer may not be credible. Companies with no listed feedback are not always scams. But they are always risks.

  5. hey have a verified, professional business location
  6. Where your home buyer says they are from can reflect their credibility. Foreign buyers, particularly from China and Canada, may try to purchase your home for cash without viewing the property. Credible home buyers send agents out to homes to assess their value. They show familiarity with the area they purchase from.
    Foreign buyers may give themselves away with emails written in improper English or simply a foreign address. Since foreign checks go through a long process to clear, scammers can use this time to take advantage of impatient home sellers. A domestic business location with on-site agents and an in-person interest in your home’s area indicates a professional home buyer who can make credible offers.
    If your home buyer only offers a mailing address, keep in mind that mailing addresses can be faked and easily stolen. A scammer could use the address of a credible home buyer to send you fake offers or deals and try to collect your financial information.
    As a responsible home seller, you need to receive more than a mailing address from a home buyer. In-person contact from a professional business location shows their credibility.

  7. They have an active web presence
  8. The modern digital marketplace is obsessed with reviews and feedback. This means that a credible home buying company will not only prominently feature testimonials from past clients on their website but will also have a strong web presence elsewhere.
    When you Google your home buyer, the results should include numerous reviews from non-affiliated sites like Google Business. Credible cash home buyers often have blogs that build their web presence and inform prospective customers about the home buying process.
    This web presence should include social media profiles linked to the company’s website. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts should be prominently displayed on the site and show activity. Credible companies use social media to market to new customers, spread their blog, and post reviews. Little to no online discourse surrounding a company may indicate a lack of credibility.

  9. They listen to your offers, questions, and concerns
  10. Credible home buyers respect your business. They answer and return phone calls and emails. If a home buyer never seems to be available during normal working hours, they may be a scammer calling from overseas whose time zone is radically different from yours.
    A credible home buyer makes you feel heard with regular contact from their agents, in-person meetings, phone availability, and prompt email response. Without these signs, a home buyer may not be professional, even if they aren’t necessarily a foreign scammer.

  11. They view the house and make offers for free
  12. Real estate transactions do not require you to pay fees on transactions that haven’t occurred. An easy offer that comes from a buyer, especially one who has never seen the house and shows no interest in doing so, often comes with an “administration” fee. Scammers use these fees to prey on unsuspecting home sellers by posing as credible buyers. Real home buyers give you offers for free and wait for you to accept or decline them.
    Fake home buyers don’t need to see a house because they have no interest in buying it. Home buyers with a stake in their investment will be hands-on, their agents will see the house in-person, and they will make offers on your house for free.

The Takeaway for Homeowners

Cash home buyers who are credible have an active online identity. They have a professional website, blog, and social media presence that reflects their activity buying homes in your area. Credible home buyers answer your concerns, view the house, and make offers without charging advance fees.
Visit www.thecashbuyers.org to find a home buyer in the Florida area and sell your home for cash to a credible company today.

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