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I just got divorced and can’t afford my house payments anymore.

We can help with that, we will need to ensure the title company has all the relevant materials to allocate the funds accordingly on closing.

What if I am in foreclosure, can you help?

Depending where you are in the process we may be able to help. Please reach out for an appointment.

I have a large amount of furniture and junk but I can't get it out.

We will help you take the things you want and dispose of the stuff you don’t!

What about my mortgage and taxes?

At closing the title company will ensure that all debts are paid and that we retain a free and clear title after closing.

My house is in disrepair, do I have to fix it before you buy it?

No! We buy properties in an “as is” status. Give us a call now so we can talk!

I inherited my parents' home and I can’t take care of it.

That’s ok, we can help you sell that home and get you back to your life.